Wink Ink Permanent Makeup San Diego

Why Permanent Makeup?

Makeup is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists. Whether you are looking for permanent eyeliner, lip color or any other permanent cosmetic enhancement Wink Ink Permanent Cosmetics’ specialty is to enhance your appearance and show your best features.

Maria Ditman has the special ability to listen to your personal desires and visualize the look you want to achieve.

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During a consultation she will evaluate your skin coloring and facial features as well as explore your lifestyle, fashion preference and activity level to suggest the best permanent makeup options for you. She uses topical makeup to demonstrate different looks and explains all procedures in detail.

Maria has studied the best permanent makeup options for busy moms, athletes, cancer survivors, high-profile professionals, as well as men and women suffering from the skin allergies that prevent the use of standard cosmetics.





Frame your face by filling in sparse eyebrows




Brighten your eyes with beautiful eyeliner




Create fuller, always-ready, heart-shaped lips



Beauty Marks

Stand out with a strategically-placed beauty mark


Save time and money with bright, neat permanent makeup that never smudges!
Guarantee your beauty in all situations, at all times of the day!
Relieve the stress of applying makeup with shaky hands or poor eyesight!
Balance asymmetrical features and even out skin tones!