What Are Permanent Cosmetics / Permanent Makeup?
Permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup is the application of high quality pigments inserted into the dermal layer of skin. Pigments are comprised of cosmetic grade iron oxides, glycerin, alcohol and distilled water have been used for decades both in tattooing and standard cosmetics with no ill effect. Permanent Cosmetics should be applied only by a technician who has undergone state required training and certification.
Is the Process of Applying Permanent Cosmetics Painful?
The application of permanent cosmetics is not completely painless. The discomfort will vary between each individual. Because Wink Ink uses a range of the most effective topical anesthetics available, most clients are surprised at the low level of discomfort they experience.
What Are the After-Effects of the Permanent Cosmetics Procedure?

There is almost no downtime with permanent cosmetics. There can be minor swelling and redness that should be gone in approximately 2-3 days.

How Often Does Permanent Makeup Need to Be Touched Up?

Permanent Makeup is permanent but to keep your look fresh and bright, annual touch-ups are recommended as desired.
How are Permanent Cosmetics like or unlike tattooing?

Permanent Cosmetics is actually a tattoo but rather than artwork on the skin, it can also create the look of make up.
Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Consider Using Permanent Cosmetics?

Those with compromised immune systems and other medical conditions may not be good candidates for permanent cosmetics.